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Have you read, watched, listened to – or written –a resource that you’d like to recommend to health care practitioners interested in skin and wound care? You can upload documents and links here and share them with Project ECHO members all over the world.

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We’ve automated submissions to accelerate a shared knowledge base

No need to get involved in a long email chain. Simply provide a little information about the resource and attach a document or weblink.

We have a few simple editorial guidelines: the resource must be current, relevant to the area of practice, and it must not contravene any copyright restrictions. We will check it out and if it meets the guidelines we will post it and add the posting to our social media announcements.

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Please upload one file or link at a time and tell us a little bit about each reference so we can catalogue it properly. If you have multiple files or links to submit, refresh your browser after each upload to refresh the form.

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