Bringing together regional skills and teams to increase system capacity

Project ECHO Ontario Skin and Wound Care two-day in-person “boot camp” sessions are available to registered members.

*Watch for updates: we will conduct several boot camps during 2022 and 2024 across the province.

Boot camp sessions are deeper dives into Project ECHO Ontario Skin and Wound Care topics. The boot camps are developed and delivered in collaboration with the regional Continuing Professional Development (CPD Offices), and relevant program partners to improve regional relevance and recruitment.

The benefits of boot camps are:

  • Expand the cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills of participants through direct observation and hands-on on skills training
  • Promote professional networking and stimulate referral patterns across many disciplines
  • Connect interprofessional teams for coordinated, integrated patient assessment with feedback from patient volunteers and faculty on the patient care plans and team process
  • Identify system barriers to optimal wound care
  • Collect and reflect on outcomes information for quality improvement

Project ECHO Ontario Skin and Wound boot camps will be conducted in a similar fashion to the patient day at the current International Interprofessional Wound Care Course (IIWCC), that has been delivered at the Michener Institute since 1999. Even further value will be obtained by bringing together regional skills and teams in order to build regional referral patterns and increase system capacity.

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