In addition to virtual sessions, these tools and resources are freely available for participants

1. Case Report Form

The Case Report Form standardizes case management and populates a wound care case ‘bank.’ This form incorporates the components of the Wound Bed Preparation paradigm.  Case Report Forms are reviewed in advance to ensure that no identifiable patient information is included.

2. TeleECHO Case Database

Deidentified patient cases presented at ECHO sessions are stored in a computerized data system that are accessible on the website.

3. Best Practice Enablers

Best Practice Enablers are summary tools used to condense practical knowledge efficiently.

4. Session Summaries

After each session, a summary of the discussion is prepared and sent to all participants via email. 

5. Evaluation Questionnaires

These questionnaires assess confidence in abilities, skills and knowledge, and are completed via a secure web-based survey.

6. Knowledge Tests

These evaluate the extent of iterative learning and the effect of knowledge networks. They are administered both before and after exposure to the ECHO model. CME credits or other types of educational credits (as determined) are documented for each participant.